Top 10 Reasons to Use Archipelago Bat Guano 

8.   Vegetarian friendly 

            Organic vegetarians comprise a specialty group that should be especially interested in ABG Phosphate.  As discussed in Reason 4, the alternatives are not very attractive. Superphosphate is not approved for use in organic growing, and raw rock phosphate reportedly does not work very well.  And bone meal is obviously not vegetarian-friendly.  ABG Phosphate and fresh manure is about all that you have left. And the fresh manure is likely to contain a lot of nitrogen that you do not want to apply at times when your plants need phosphate for fruiting and flowering.     

Supporting documents and further information can be found at the following web sites: 

 Gardening for Vegetarians. (organic is not synonymous with vegetarian.  Bone meal is not vegetarian and should not be used.  Recommends superphosphate and rock phosphate instead.)


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