Top 10 Reasons to Use ABG's Natural Organic Phosphate Fertilizer

  1. Contains numerous nutrients that are essential for plant life - without adding toxic waste

  2. More abundant and larger Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables, Strong Root Growth and Plant Hardiness

  3. 100% natural and organic and allowed for use in organic farming – but no harmful bacteria

  4. Superior results and exceptionally safe compared to other organic and synthetic phosphate fertilizers that may contain uranium and other potentially toxic materials, including “Mad Cow” and high fluoride concentrations

  5. Easy to use: over-usage will not cause nitrogen burn

  6. History shows guano is the organic fertilizer with the most mystique. ( And other Fun Facts)

  7. No foul odor

  8. Vegetarian friendly

  9. ABG is a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Company

  10. Peace of mind from making an informed choice

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